Groups like these help us come together and function as a family.  The environments are caring and foster learning and growth in the participants. Please contact any of the leaders if you have any questions, or are curious about space in their group. If you're interested in forming your own Home Group please contact Mike Hoffort. 306-634-8133


    MEn's GROUP


    What to expect:  Meeting on Monday nights at 7:00 PM in Hope City Centre at Living Hope.  

    We are training for a successful mission.  Join us!

    Contact: Jon Nixon 306-471-6832

  • Ashworth/


    What to Expect: 

    Meeting at Mayfair Drive on Tuesdays, 7 PM

    Study will continue with the theme of Our Identity in Christ

    Contact: Tara Ashworth 306-421-7867, 

    Fern Thiessen 306-461-8996

  • Mommy Drop In

    What to expect: 

    Ladies meet on Wednesday from 10 - 11:30 AM to encourage and be encouraged.  Children welcome as we meet in Hope City Centre at Living Hope.  A devotion is part of our program. 

    Contact: Charmian Friedrick 306-461-6666

  • McClelland

    What to expect: 

    Meeting on Wednesdays, 7:00 PM, at Living Hope

    We are studying the Gospel of John and in March studying Gifts of the Spirit.

    Contact:  Sean & Patti McClelland 306-421-2983

  • Discipleship Group

    What to expect: 

    Meeting on Wednesdays, 7 PM at Petterson Dr.

    This is a new believers discipleship group.

    Contact: Barry and Pat Rae 306-421-0907

  • Schnell

    What to expect:  

    Meeting on Wednesday, 7:15 PM. Call for directions

    Our Study will be the books of Colossians and then Philemon

    Contact: Claude & Marian Schnell 306-461-9849

  • breakout breakfast devotional


    What to expect: 

    These meetings are the first Saturday of each month at 11:00 am. All ages are welcome to this group study over breakfast.  Many great discussions happen over a meal.  Jesus shared some amazing truths with others while at a table or just before multiplying fish and bread.  Order some toast and fish or eggs and bacon to munch on while you chew on truths from the Bible.

    Meeting at, 'Fired Up Grill'

    Contact:  Lauraine Dube 306-471-9334,

    Elodie Cossette 306-461-5531