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Hope City Kids @ HOME M.A.p.

Kids Church is powerful, but it becomes significantly more life changing when it is reiterated at home. My desire is that your family would grow closer to Jesus, and encounter Him in powerful ways as you do these each week! Currently we are in a series on hearing God's voice.

When your child(ren) have completed all three of the components you can either scroll down and send in the form online, or bring in the QR code card with their name(s), your signature, and the date that they completed. When they have done 10 weeks they will get to go into the treasure chest and choose a prize!

Each M.A.P. will be kept on for 4 weeks so try to get them all done before it gets taken off!

  • April 21st

    M.- Memorize: “Jeremiah, what do you see?” Jeremiah 1:11 (Can put their name in the place of Jeremiah)

    A. – Action: Read Jeremiah 1:4-13. Talk about the words God spoke to Jeremiah. He felt weak, and yet God gives him pictures to empower him. He askes Jeremiah a couple times, “what do you see?” God asks us the same thing. God speaks to us to encourage us but He also speaks to us to encourage someone else! So this week our action step is to ask who He wants us to encourage. Ask God for a verse, a picture, or something to tell or write to them. And then share that with them this week! God uses children in MIGHTY ways, and sometimes we can feel like Jeremiah, “I am to young Lord” but that certainly isn’t true! As we learn to hear God’s voice we need to be brave and bold to share what He is speaking to the people He lays on our heart.

    P. – Prayer: Pray for that person, ask God specifically what He wants you to pray for and pray for them a couple times this week! Maybe even pray for them in person if you get a chance, or write out a prayer for them. Ask God to open your eyes to the people He wants to speak to and love through you.

  • April 14th

    M. – Memorize: “…The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” Judges 6:12

    A.- Action: Start by reading the story of Gideon where our memory verse comes from in Judges 6:11-40. Gideon felt weak, he was from one of the weakest clans, yet God called him a mighty warrior. Our action this week is to take time with God and ask Him how He sees us, maybe words will come to mind and they can write that, maybe it will be more of a conversation with Jesus, or maybe it will be a picture. Encourage your child to really spend time with God like they would if they were asking you or a friend a question. Instead of it just being a quick minute remind them to take some time and not be rushed and let it be a powerful moment, something that they can hold on to when the enemy tries to attack. Remind your child of what God reveals to them throughout the week.

    P. – Prayer: Pray into the word they got from God, that they would live in the power of it. For Gideon, God spoke that to him and then he had to step into that role and be obedient and brave. When God speaks something we want to pray into and act on it, acting on it shows we believe and receive it. 

  • April 7th

    M.- Memorize: "My sheep listen to my voice, I know them and they follow me." John 10:27

    A.- Action: We have been learning how God speaks to us, one big way is through pictures! This week's action step is learn to put this into practise through out the week. Our week's can get busy and full but slowing down and quieting our hearts to hear from God is such a powerful thing to learn while they are young. Twice this week have your child sit down with a notebook or paper and ask God for a picture, it's ok if it takes a little bit before anything comes to mind. When they draw the picture ask them what it means and write beside the explanation. Bring this up through out the week, intertwining what God speaks to them through out their everyday lives. Finish up by reading John 10:1-14 and talk about it together.

    P.- Prayer: Spend time praying that they would be attentive to God's voice, get your child to think about one thing that they would specifically like God to speak to them about. Maybe they have been feeling anxious at school or at night time and would like God to give them a picture about that. Use this as one of their journal items, when we pray for something we should expect God to answer so we need to be ready to receive and attentive, not just praying and forgetting.

    Looking forward  to hear all about it!

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