Below is a list of all Hope Church's Activity Groups (Please note that some of these groups are not actually happening due to no leader). Please feel free to contact any of them if you have any questions, or are curious about space in their group. If you're interested in forming your own Activity Group please contact Mike Hoffort.


  • Worship dance

    What to expect:

    Beginning November 3rd, every other Tuesday at 7:15 pm.

    Worship dance is using your body as the instrument of adoration to the Lord.  I have been practicing this form of worship for many years and it has richly blessed my life.  God has shown me how to use dance and movement as a form of spiritual warfare and intercession, and it can be used to effect change of the spiritual climate of an area.  I would love to share this form of worship with all who are interested.

    Contact:  Brandi Morrison 306-415-0102

  • community soccer: LOOKING FOR LEADER

    We love the ability to reach into and love our community. Part of that happens when we are out in the community. This league is to learn some skillz, have alot of fun, and hear a little bit about Jesus.


    Running Group: 

    I think Jesus truly cared about not being lazy... and sometimes we forget as we get older to integrate healthy lifestyles in your life.This group is open to all age. Contact Pastor Jordan for more information.