Sunday Morning Service 10 am

100 King Street Estevan
Phone: 1 306 634-8133


At Living Hope, we believe our God-given mission is to give ourselves wholeheartedly to
    knowing God and making Him known, first to our neighbour, then to our city, and finally, to the world.

We make it our goal to know God through:

Passionate Spirituality
By this we mean actively seeking Him through a life of prayer, bible, and obedience. Not religion, but enjoying a living relationship with the One Who is both Lord and Friend.

Inspiring Worship Services
We find it very important to get together as a spiritual family to enjoy Him together by worshipping together. In these times, we expect to experience His Presence and interact with Him and one another.

Loving Relationships
Love is the essence of His Kingdom, and much of the love He gives us is through others. Therefore, we put a great deal of emphasis on growing, caring relationships.

We endeavor to make Him known by:

Gift-oriented Ministry
The Lord has made us with unique individuality. Each of us has specific gifts to use in serving Him and serving one another. Everyone is a 10 somewhere. When we use our gifts, we minister His life to others.

Loving Relationships
Just as He loves us through others, He loves others through us. Jesus said, "If you (bless) even the least of these, you (bless) Me."

Meaningful Small Groups
Just as we meet in large gatherings for worship services, we meet in smaller groups for a number of purposes, including
  1) deepening and enjoying those loving relationships
  2) discovering our spiritual gifts and how to use them

Need-oriented Evangelism
If we tell a hungry person about Jesus we must also feed them. If we tell a lonely person about Jesus we must also embrace them. And all people need to know about Jesus.


(Short Form)

That all persons are created in the image of God regardless of differences in gender, race or color

In the sacredness of marriage and the family and the dignity and gift of singleness

In the importance of the local church to help encourage, strengthen and nurture the spiritual life
      of every Christian

In the bible, as the unique and Living Word of God and our 'authority' for all things necessary to salvation
      and Christian living

In a personal, supernatural God who is Lord of all, who is at work in the world today

That God became a man, Jesus Christ, and lived a sinless life.
      His death then paid the penalty for our sin (and we ALL have sin)

That the most important thing in the world is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

That the greatest force in the world is love, and that as Christian we are to have 'the love of God poured
      into our hearts through the Holy Spirit'

That the Christian life is a life of positive faith (Hebrews 11:6)

That the Christian life is characterized by the Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
      goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

In the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for the effective Christian living and witness

That worship is an adventure to be enjoyed by the individual believer as well as by the family of God
      corporately when we come together to celebrate Jesus

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